Thursday, 7 June 2018

June 7

8A & 8C - In the first class students finished the six questions from the Mid-Unit Review then we worked on Transformations in the second class.
7C - We went over the solutions to the Central Tendency Quiz in the morning class then wrote the Unit 7 test in the afternoon class.

June 5

8A & 8C - Students were introduced to the 3 different Transformations - Reflection, Translation, and Rotation. We started on the practice questions but will likely need to finish them next class.
7C - Students worked on the Unit Review on pg 292 #1-9, 11 to prepare for tomorrow's unit test.

June 4

7C - Students were given the 7.5/7.6 Assignment on Probability to be completed and handed it in.
8A & 8C - Wrapped up everything from sections 8.1 and 8.2.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

May 31

8A & 8C - We wrapped up any work not finished up from the week which included Sections 8.1 and 8.2 as well as the extra practice booklet.
7C - We did a lesson on Tree Diagrams that drew every outcome that is possible given two independent events. then practiced with pg 287 #1-5.

May 30

8A & 8C - Wrapped up any remaining practice questions from section 8.2 which involved horizontal and vertical rotations.
7C - Students were given a comprehensive review package that covered Mean, Median, Mode, Range and Outliers to start preparing for next week's Unit Exam.

May 29

8A & 8C - We started Unit 8 with drawing the six views of 3D objects. Pg 437 #4-14. Once students were finished the practice questions then they worked on the 8.1/8.2 Booklet for extra work.
7C - We discussed the application of Averages and then worked on pg pg 273 #1-7, omit #4. In the afternoon, we moved on with Probability and completed questions #1-6 on pg 282-283.

Monday, 28 May 2018

May 28

7C - We did a lesson on the effects of Outliers on a group of data. We discussed how this happens with our grades and we do really poorly on an assessment and it pulls our mark down. Then we practiced with pg 269 #1-6.
8A & 8C - Wrote the Unit 7 test today.